The first step of the registration (pre-registration) was conducted by the national Olympiad committees by 31st of July.

All participants from countries that completed the pre-registration must go through final registration. The final registration form can be found here:

Deadline for final registration: 31 August.

Important to note that:

  •  The e-mail addresses used for registration will be used as usernames for the online competition.
    • They can be changed only by contacting the LOC.
  • We will ask for a photo of all the contestants which will be used during the competition for comparison with the candidate.
    • If at any point we would need/want to use these photos for any other purpose (blog posts, competition materials, etc) we will ask on an individual basis for the usage rights.
  • We also ask for the postal addresses of the teams, since we plan to send the final diplomas by regular mail for the students to have at least some physical output from the competition in addition to the virtual experience.